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I have a sheet that contains all sorts of data for different suppliers. I want to make a dashboard to display the data in a nicer format for each supplier. Is it possible to build one dashboard where all widgets on the dashboard would change based on selecting a supplier from a dropdown list? Or will I have to build a separate dashboard for every supplier? I will be using the metric widget mostly on the dashboard, and the data will all be coming from the same sheet.

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    @stacieb With a little creativity, this may be possible - provided that security considerations don't get in the way. If you have all these suppliers set up free collaborator Smartsheet accounts, and share the reports/dashboard with those accounts, this may work for your requirements:


    Set up a metrics sheet where all the formulas collecting the data are based on the supplier chosen in the Supplier column dropdown list in cell Supplier$1.

    Create a report based on the metrics sheet, and filter it to only include the Supplier column, and only rows where there is a value in the Supplier column.

    Add that Report to your dashboard. This gives the user viewing the dashboard the ability to select a supplier.

    Add the metrics to the dashboard. These should then change each time the chosen Supplier changes.

    That's the basic idea. However there are some newer things in Smartsheet that may make it so that you can restrict reports to be filtered by Current User; this would make it so that on logging into the dashboard, the supplier would automatically see their metrics, and would prevent one supplier from seeing another supplier's metrics. I haven't done very much with this so I'm not sure how it would work, but with some tweaking you may get this to work.


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