Sorting a column after running Data Shuttle

I have several workflows that run in Data Shuttle to update a sheet. I want the sheet to always be sorted by "column A", but after the workflows run, I have to manually sort the sheet by "column A" in order to keep the sheet appearing correctly. Is there a way to insure the sheet is always sorted by "column A" so i don't have to sort it manually after the workflows run? I want to have the workflows set to run at certain time, with collaborators able to see the updates, but without the sheet sorted correctly, the information in the sheet is not usable.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Mitch Cohen

    What I would do in this instance is create a Row Report from the sheet and use this as the "working sheet" instead:

    • Reports will stay locked in a Sort so as new rows are added or updated they will appear in the correct order.
    • You can make changes to data in a Report which will automatically show in the underlying sheet.

    Please also feel free to Vote and add your voice to this Idea post in the Product Features and Ideas topic: Auto sort rows in sheet