Stitching to together multiple Dashboards into single presentation


Fairly new to Smartsheet, and I'm trying to replace my powerpoint-based Project Status Reporting with Smartsheet. I have multiple Smartsheet dashboards defined for a project e.g

  1. Project Overview
  2. Stream Report
  3. RAID Register

It would nice if these could flow in a single presentation. I've tried adding a [Next] button image with links to [Project Overview] to [Stream Report] Dashboard, but it each time it exits Presentation made.

Is there a way around (i.e link to Dashboard in presentation mode) option?





  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @adbell

    Adding a "Next" button with links is exactly what I would do!

    However you are correct, clicking these images will then take you to the next Dashboard but exit out of Presentation mode. You'll need to re-click on "Presentation" each time.

    Please submit your feature request to the Product team by creating an Idea Post in the Smartsheet Product Feedback and Ideas topic here in the Community. This will allow other users to vote on your enhancement idea!