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Task Reminder: set time


I love the reminder function within the sheets, however - it would be great if for each reminder you could set a custom time for that reminder. not just a custom date!

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  • savannahappenelli

    We find the reminder tool extremely helpful in many aspects for our business. However, this tool would be much more helpful if you could set a specific time by the quarter hour.

    This would make it easier to remind of meetings and phone calls that are happening at a specific time.

    Also, our clients many times have certain times of day they would like to be contacted. Reminders would be much more helpful for our clients specifically if we could add time.

  • Gary Hammond

    Smartsheet should allow the user to sent a reminder in a row that is triggered on a specific date and time. Currently, it is only available by date. Adding time would provide the user with a greater ability to prioritize task lists and prepare for specific times in the day the task should be worked.