INDEX/DISTINCT with multiple criteria


I am trying to create a formula that will pull in a distinct text with multiple criteria. I do have a helper column.

The original formula I used works in a different scenario where only one criteria is met. =INDEX(DISTINCT({CLT}), Number@row)

But now I want to create one that pulls in "SegAddy" when "RTRD" box IS NOT checked.

I am trying things like this, and turning up unsuccessful "incorrect argument"

COLLECT(DISTINCT({SegAddy}), Number@row, {RTRD}, 0)

INDEX(DISTINCT({SegAddy}), Number@row, {RTRD}, 0)

Please help me formulate the correct argument to meet my goal of pulling in the "SegAddy" only when the "RTRD" box (from source sheet) is not checked.




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