Help! Multiselect Column Formula with INDEX, MATCH and HAS


Hello Smartsheet World!

I am attempting to run a formula that will return contact emails depending on which departments are selected in a multi-select dropdown column.

Sheet 1: Improvement Notes Smartsheet

-Dept Attention column is a multi-select dropdown

-Department Contacts column (in green) is a contact list that allows multiple contacts (this is where I want to add a formula that auto-populates the contacts based on the departments selected in the Dept Attention column)

Sheet 2: Department Contact Guide Smartsheet

- Smartsheet that the formula would reference to lookup which contacts are associated with each department

From my research, I've seen a combination of formulas but am stumped on what direction to take:

=IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Department Attention@row])), INDEX(COLLECT({Department Contact Guide Contacts }, {Department Guide Dept Attention}, HAS(@cell, [Department Attention@row]), 1), " ")

The formula needs to be fixed and I'm unsure if I'm doing this right or if what I'm attempting to accomplish is possible.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!


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