Adding on the next week in the Weekly Schedule Template Sun-Sat= 30 minute interval

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This may seem like a simple question but I want to use the Weekly Schedule Template Sun-Sat- 30 minute interval and I have a couple of questions I cannot find the answers for here and I do not see template instructions for this sheet. How do I add on the next week at the end of Week 4 as I want to use the same sheet for the entire year and ensure it continues to the next date? I tried copying and pasting all of the rows in week 1 at the end of week four but it did not work. Also does anyone have an idea as to what the formulas on the days of the week are for? I do wish all templates came with instructions on how to use them. I know quite a few do but this is not one of them.


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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Felkernic

    The way I would update the template is as follows:

    • Expand All Rows
    • Select the section you want to copy/paste (I selected all 4 weeks) then Paste it below your last row
    • Adjust the Hierarchy to make sure all the WEEK rows are the top-level rows (you may need to shift them back one indent if they were pasted as child rows)
    • Collapse All again so that you only see the top-level rows, like so:
    • From here, you can add tow dates to the Date Column...
    • and drag-fill down the column to keep the pattern:
    • I then did the same for the "Weeks" in the TIME column (to make sure the numbering is correct):

    The formula in the Date column child rows then makes sure that all of the individual rows below are adjusted based on what you put in that top-level cell. The Sunday row looks simply above to that Pink cell. Then next row down looks at the date above and adds 1 day:

    Let me know if this helped or if you'd like clarification on any other part of the template!



  • Felkernic

    Thank you so much!