Is there any way to enter a Formula into a Report Cell?

Jake Gustafson
Jake Gustafson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

I have a sheet that has some weekly inputs. I've created a simplified Report View to only pull in the applicable columns from the most recent weeks/rows of data for the SME to populate. Recently, we had some data in our source information get split into two parts that our Smartsheet still only needs to report on as a single entity. The hope was that we could enter a simple formula into the relevant cell in the Report and the value would calculate. However, we are not seeing that result occur. Is it truly not possible to enter something as simple as =10+5 into a cell in a Report? I was able to go to the sheet directly and put in the formula and all is well. If that is what is required, then we'll need to go that route or create separate columns and have them each populated to sum up in the main column for reporting.

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