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I'm having some issues using automation. I set up a sheet that piggy backs off of the form that I created. I wanted to set up automation that states; when a cell is either approved or declined by the process owner that whoever was included on the form (recipient, Site Owner, Quality Manager, Owner) should also get a notification that that document was approved or declined. Since the email will only be implemented in those cells after the form is filled out. I was unable to see any names from the drop-down button,. I also stated that if declined then it would record a date. Thanks!

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    @Nkeiruka. Aguocha

    To be able to use an email address from a cell in an alert automation, the column containing the email addresses needs to be a Contact List type column.

    This can be troublesome when working with forms, because on forms, Contact List columns show up as drop-down lists. Maybe you don't want form submitters to see a whole list of users, maybe you just want them entering a valid email address. In that case, continue collecting email addresses in a regular Text/Number column (let's call it "Owner Email".) Add a Contact List type column to your sheet, and use a formula to place the email value in the Contact List column: =[Owner Email]@row Then set your automation to send the alert to the user in the Contact List column.


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