Index / Match, but only one time


I am trying to fix a specific problem, but have been unable to find a solution. Hoping somebody in this group can help.

We have a bunch of bins located all over the facility. Both the bin and the location have an ID assigned to them. When a worker picks up a bin, they scan both the bin # and the location ID and we have a database that ties the bin # to the location.

Now, central processing receives the bin and fills out a form for each bin they receive with the bin number. We want to have a field that also auto-fills in the location that the bin was picked up at (from the previous sheet). BUT, then the bin is randomly dropped off somewhere else, and within a few days is scanned and a new line is added to the first template with it's new location. But, we want the first spread sheet to continue to document the location of the bin when it was first entered in the second sheet, and not update upon every additional scan.

So, is there a way to get the form to grab the information from the first sheet just one time without updating when the form is updated in the future?


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