Automated updates to Dropdown List


Users need a way to dynamically match / update a Dropdown list column based on an Inventory sheet, e.g. criteria from another column or sheet.

Use case 1: When an item is out of stock, on an inventory list, remove the item from the order sheet and user form.

Use case 2: When a project or task is listed as complete, remove the item from a dropdown list for possible updates or requests. This could also be helpful for items on a development release task list.

I thought that this was in the pipeline while attending Engage 22, but I haven't heard any updates when checking with the Call Center.


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    This is possible if you have the premium app Data Shuttle or access to the API. Otherwise it is a manual process.

  • Danielle Wilson

    Hi @R J Gilgaren,

    I agree with @Paul Newcome - this is possible either with the API or Data Shuttle (which is the simplest way to set this up at the moment).

    Here's an article overviewing how to do this with Data Shuttle!


    Danielle W.

    Product Marketing


    Danielle W.

    Product Marketing


  • Lindsay Whitbread

    As a Smartsheet Platinum partner, I think that getting dropdown lists to update automatically must be one of the most common requests that we get from the customers that we work with. It makes Smartsheet so much easier to use when the dropdowns are able to automatically update in real time.

    The two elements that customers routinely describe as important for automatic updates are:

    1. To not have to get too technical in setting it up - they just need it to work without learning another piece of software.
    2. For the update to happen immediately, so for example when they add a customer to their customer list, they are able to select that customer a few seconds later when they move to the next form or sheet.

    We've created a cool addon for Smartsheet that automatically updates dropdown fields very quickly. It doesn't involve any effort to setup - you just let our team know how you'd like the updates to work and we take care of it. It even supports contact fields and summary fields - and the options can be kept in the same order as your source lists, or put in alphabetical order! We support all of the features that our different customers have asked for over the years.

    Please contact us if you're interested in getting dropdown fields updated automatically.

    Smartsheet Lead @ InfoSpark

    2023 Asia Pacific Smartsheet Partner of the Year

    Platinum Smartsheet Partner |

  • Enfield Homes

    Try ''

    I use this a lot and it's relatively cheap.

  • Chris Faasisila

    how do you cancel subscription?

  • Craig K.

    I must say, it's EXTREMELY disappointing to see the community requesting this feature for YEARS and be given the same (lackluster) response of "please submit an enhancement request" or "pay for data shuttle."

    The feature is so basic and common that I can't believe it doesn't exist already. Disappointing.

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