Is it possible to set default print layout to landscape with fixed paper size of A4 and 190% scale?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Maei

    That print format can be adjusted when you're printing something from Smartsheet, yes.

    Dashboards will use your Browser print settings:

    Whereas sheets have a different sheet-specific Print Setup window you can configure:

    See: Printing tips and troubleshooting

    However is your question about setting this as the default so that every time you go to print it auto-populates with your preferred print settings?

    In this case, the print settings for Dashboards have to do with your Browser. For example, now that I've printed my Dashboard with the settings above (what you noted) in Chrome, the next time I go to print in Chrome, it will remember my previous settings (in Smartsheet or another web page).

    For Sheets, the print settings are sheet-specific. This means that if I've set up my format options once on one sheet, when I go to print that same sheet again my previous formatting will auto-populate. However if I go into a new sheet, then the default settings will show and I'll need to manually adjust them to my preferred settings for that specific sheet.