Can I calculate percent completion for report from tasks?

My project has two phases, multiple major tasks under each phase with numerous child tasks. Is it possible to create calculations to show the percent complete (using checkboxes) for a report. The report would pull the % complete from each project; Project X, Phase 1 = % complete, Phase 2 = % complete, Project Y, Phase 1 = % complete, Phase 2 = % complete, etc.


  • Ryan Sides
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    Hi @KD_HUM are you looking to use the checkbox column so only the checked on rows show up in your report?

    If you are using a project configuration on your sheet, the higher level rows auto calculate the % complete based on the CHILDREN if you are using the hierarchy (indent) functionality in SS. Then you would just check on the boxes of the rows you want to show up in the report.

    If you aren't using the hierarchy functionality, then you would need to calculate the %Complete yourself with a formula including the CHILDREN function.

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  • Hi Ryan, thanks for your help. Attaching a basic screenshot that I hope explains it better than I did above. Unsure if this is a report or dashboard - no preference on my end.