Two DataMesh issues


I am having two issues with datamesh.

1) I set up a data mesh with a frequency of 1 day. Is this what I do for it to run daily? I did this but so far it only runs when I manually run it.

2) My source sheet was set up so the data in one column of cells is separated into different rows in the cell (one cell but the data has a number of items separated by a hard return for easier reading). When I mesh this, the target sheet has the info as one long run of words. How do I preserve the formatting?



  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers


    1. yes setting it up to run daily on the schedule should make it run once a day. Maybe check what time it is running, you can't change the time manually, I think it's based on when you create the workflow.
    2. On your target sheet, do you have wrap text turned on for the cell where the data is going?
  • Alta
    Alta ✭✭

    Thanks, I fixed the wrap text issue.

    As for the schedule, originally when I made it, it was supposed to run the next day at 3am based on what it said under last modified/next scheduled run. Now I see that last modified isnt going to tell me when it runs but rather I have to go into the config log. Doing so I now see that it did run.