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I am trying to do a cross sheet formula. The formula below is what it looks like in the original sheet and the formula works. Now I want to pull the data from the original sheet into a new sheet and the cross referencing is not working. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Original sheet - works good

=SUMIF(Quarter:Quarter, "Q4'22", [Requested Total]:[Requested Total])

Cross Sheet - not working

=SUMIF({1.AWS MDF Tracker Range 3}, "Q4'22" [Requested Total]:Requested Total])

Thank you


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  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers
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    @Nat10 If you are using SUMIF then it should be like this below. First range should be the column that has quarters in it, second is the criteria that matches, and the third would be the range you want to sum.

    make sure you didn't grab SUMIFS

    When you picked the ranges, you selected the whole column right?


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