Grouping limit in reports? Data cut off, not collapsed.

jmhoward ✭✭✭✭✭

Hi there,

I know there are some limitations with grouping in reports, but I don't think I've run up against them just yet. I have a report with 2,059 rows but when I group them, the report only shows 1,974 rows. I tried removing some columns to reduce the overall number of cells, but that didn't help.

I don't see any pagination, nor do I see the rest of the items collapsed. The report just cuts off.

This is with grouping:

And this is without:

Any ideas what might be happening? When I was researching this issue, the only thing I could find was a limitation of 2,500 rows, but that's not the case here. Thank you!



  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @jmhoward,

    When consulting with our Support team and I was able to see that you've also raised this in a ticket. Since this behaviour isn't currently documented, I would suggest to refer to your ticket with Support so that this can be duly investigated.