Basic NETDAYS Help!


Disclaimer: I'm a SmartSheet beginner, and only at an amateur level with Excel formulas.

I've reviewed quite a few NETDAYS posts on here already and tried variations of the solutions in all, but so far every NETDAYS variation I've tried has returned the #UNPARSEABLE error.

I'm trying to write a formula that will calculate the # of days from "Date Submitted" column to "Date Closed" column, and if the "Date Closed" cell is blank, to calculate to Today's Date instead.

=NETDAYS([Date Submitted]@row, [Date Closed]@row)

=IFERROR(NETDAYS([Date Submitted]@row, IF(ISDATE([Date Closed]@row, [Date Closed]@row, TODAY())), 0)

Does anyone have suggestions for how to modify the formula to get rid of the #UNPARSEABLE errors?

Thank you so much in advance!

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