How can I get columns unchecked automatically when they meet a date criterion? For example, all tasks checked today will be automatically unchecked tomorrow because the calendar date has changed.


I think we need some more detail here. It sounds like you're asking to uncheck everything which is checked in a given column at midnight, every day.

I agree with john, could we get a little more detail about what you are looking for? It may be helpful to hear your use case for this functionality

John, Travis - Thanks for your request for clarification. Yes, at midnight I would like all checked items in a column automatically unchecked.

I can't think of a way to get this done. Try changing your proecess Tongue Out!



I'll wait to hear from others. I hope there's a solution on the horizon ...   

Charlie, you could have a formula that says if today is a certain date, uncheck the box, then at midnight they will uncheck, but it sounds like you want them to uncheck every night at midnight, correct? I would just  open your sheet, click on the column header and hit the backspace key on your keyboard. This will uncheck all the boxes in that column and takes two clicks. 

Travis - the backspace on header solution works like a charm! This gives me time to ponder my formula now. Many thanks!

I have a similar situation with a monthly checklist I'm assigning.

Each month, I want the check box to "reset" (as in uncheck) so the assignee goes through the same steps by checking boxes to confirm everything is in stock.

I can add a formula to do this but the issue is, when someone checks the box, it erases the formula! 

Anyone have a workaround for this?