Hello all, I'm looking to implement a process where I can count how many times a particular barcode label has been scanned. This will help me to verify that all the items that belong to a single unit are leaving the workshop after going through the fabrication and painting process.

Can you think of a process using SmartSheet where: 

- Person A - in charge of fabrication - scans the barcode 15 times - this is the baseline count

- Person B - in charge of painting - scans the barcode 15 times - all the items were received from the fabrication team

- Person B - in charge of shipping - scans all the items and gets a count of 13 - 2 items are missing  - email an alert

Thanks for any help/feedback.




I can think of a few different ways to set this up.

  1. Barcode opens a pre-filled form and adds the information to a sheet where it's totaled. 
  2. Multiple rows or columns for each scan directly in the sheet and then it's totaled.
  3. One master sheet where all scans are collected and then with the help of VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH data will show on the correct sheet or row.

We could set it up on one sheet with all units or one sheet per unit.

The alert would work for all options thru automation.

Would any of those options work?

Have a fantastic day!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting