I am new to Smartsheet, but have caught on. However, while I can create a form, when I send it to someone (or go to the URL myself), any changes made are not showing up in my sheet. 

How do I make a form specific to a row (i.e. project)?

How do I show them the information in the rest of the row (I'm only choosing some fields for them to input info) so they can confirm the info we already had is still correct?

Feel like I'm missing something...

Thanks, Shelley



I just came out to the website for the exact same reason and am interested in hearing the responses.  It almost seems like we need to combine the "request update" function with the form function.  I also feel like I'm missing something, too!



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Yes, I saw the request update too, and thought maybe I should use that.

Just not sure.

ONLY support I can seem to get is here, as the 101 classes are $700'ish.



It sure sounds like you should use Update Requests.

Can you describe your process in more detail and maybe share the sheet(s) or some screenshots? (Delete/replace any confidential/sensitive information before sharing) That would make it easier to help. (share too, [email protected])

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Andrée Starå

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Forms are used for entering NEW entries to the sheet. But sending out update requests will allow users to update the information they already entered. The challenge is, there isn't really a datebase type method besides update requests to view the data that has been input. You can also create a report which is an editable report, which allows the user to see filtered data sets and update rows in the report. The user has to have access to edit the main sheet, but it can filter down data to show them specific rows that might pertain to them. 


Thanks everyone. Sounds like I definitely need to do a request update, and not a form. 

Each row has a specific client and project, with basic info (project type, client type, deliverables, etc). For project close out, I'm just wanting the team members to fill out (what I thought would be a form) certain column info (not for the basic info, although I would like them to see/confirm) for project specific info to wrap up the project (challenges, SOW creep?, client referrals/leads, etc.).

Make sense?

I didn't realize the form was to create new rows. Yet, even the info entered didn't create a new row. Also not understanding why basics aren't included in the annual fee, and why the only support comes at a $800 class.