I have two task lists with slightly different columns, but there are some overlap - like status, completion date, & targeted completion date. I would like to run a report or some how combine all the tasks into one report/view/sheet - while continuing to maintain the two task list as separate sheets. I tried to create a report with two sources, but it didn't work (when I create a report for each sheet separately, it works). I assume that it isn't working because the columns aren't exactly the same - but then what is the point of a report? 




You can add all the needed columns from both sheets.

Would that work?

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Andrée Starå - Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

When creating the Report, in the Where section, you can select multiple sheets.  Or if in a Workspace, you can select the entire Workspace and it will pull from all Sheets within that Workspace.  As an example, I have a standard sheet per product (~20 of them), and from that, I create an Exec Summary Report to pull common columns from all 20 sheets into a single Report.

Hope that helps.