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Duration in Hours

I am testing SmartSheet in an effort to organize projects in our design and manufacturing company.  Many of our projects have tasks that are less than a day in duration.  We typically estimate jobs in hours.  I have been testing the program using fractions for duration but when I link these tasks the program seems to allocate a day in the Start and End date colums even if I set the duration for 0.125 days.  If I assign the same resource to a task that takes 0.125 days and then a linked task (Start to Finsh) that takes 0.5 days it will show that it takes two days to complete in the Gantt chart.  Is there anyway to change the duration column to hours?  I saw in one post that this is a feature that should be available in Mid June 2015.


  • Olivier Loncin
    Olivier Loncin ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    As far as I know it, hours duration are not allowed.

  • Well I figured out that I can add an hours duration column and then calculate a duration in days column from that using the hours/8 and then divide by the allocation % number so if the job will take 4 hours to complete but I can only allocate 25% of time to it then the calculated value will come up as 2 days.  The problem that I have now is if I put this column as the Duration column under Gantt Settings it then stops the calculation.  Therefore everytime I want to add a task, I have to reassign the "Duration column" under Edit Gantt Settings to something else and then set it back after I add the task.  Is there any way to use a formulat in something tracked as the Duration column?

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    We are working on implementing the ability to set more granular durations such as hours and minutes. We are working to get this released as soon as possible. Check out and follow this thread to learn more: 




  • Travis
    Travis Employee


    I am happy to announce the ability to set partial day duration (hours, minutes, and seconds) is here! Check out my announcement for more information and to ask questions: https://community.smartsheet.com/announcement/new-smartsheet-critical-path-and-duration-minutes-hours-and-weeks

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