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SmartSheet Jira Integration

Imran Virk
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Hi all,


I'm new to smartsheet and have also purchased their Jira integration.  I'm curious as to how many others here are using this integtation?  There's a lot of quirks with the integrations so wanted to see what others thought of it and how they're using it.





  • Imran, Everyone:


    First, please do reply here and tell us and others how you use Smartsheet for JIRA. I'm sure we could all benefit from such an excahnge of information!


    Second, I'd love to know about all the things you find to be "quirks" in the integration. Post here, email me directly, or I'll be happy to set up time to discuss over a phone call with or without screen sharing. I want your feedback so that we can make it better!


    Scott Willeke | Smartsheet
    Sr. Product Manager, Strategic Integrations
    [email protected]




  • Hi Scott.  I am brand new to Smartsheet and just received my JIRA training yesterday.  We need to setup integration across multiple JIRA projects to a single Smartsheet.  I am not sure how to do this, can you help?

  • Hi Sue,


    Sure! You can synchronize issues from multiple JIRA projects into a single sheet by creating one Workflow for each JIRA project and choosing the same sheet for each. If Just be sure to, map the "Project" field into a column in the sheet so you can tell which JIRA project each is from, and set up your filters in the workflow such that the workflow only attempts to synchronize issues for its own project.


    This is a common setup for people using Smartsheet's web forms capability to capture tickets for an IT Service Desk that is divided across projects or suggestions and bug reports for a software company that uses multiple JIRA teams to handle the feedback. If you need additional help setting this up your Customer Success representative should be able to help.


    If you don't feel like you're getting what you want out of the integration or from our team let me know and I'll be happy to jump in and get you the help you need!


    Scott Willeke | Smartsheet
    Senior Product Manager, Strategic Integrations
    E: [email protected]




  • @ Sue Marmion - was your JIRA training specifically JIRA training or was it JIRA integration/use JIRA with Smartsheet training? I am curious as we have just implemented Smartsheet and are planning our JIRA integration soon.


    @Scott Willeke - I may take you up on your offer to Imran regarding setting up time with you.


    Thank you,


  • Hi all - 


    We are using a smartsheet to populate a jira project.  basically, a user fills out the webform, it updates the sheet, and then we push that into jira.  The issue I'm having though (the most pressing of them, at least), is attachments. Is there a way to attach the attachment to the new jira story created from the line item in the smartsheet? it doesn't appear as an option in the drop down menu while i'm creating the workflow.


    thanks :)

  • Jerry Jacob
    edited 03/09/17

    I am wondering is this integration 2 way? I am looking to get the JIRA item details and status in Smartsheet for reporting purposes.


    Can anyone please comment on this, Thanks.

  • I am wasting hours downloading attachments from SmartSheet and re-uploading them to JIRA. There has to be a better way? I'd like to get the last 45 minutes back if possible. It seems like you would not build a JIRA connector w/o this functionality. Using SmartSheet as bug and UAT is awesome minus this. HELP!

  • Hi,

    We are considering attachment sync through the connector but would love to learn more about your use case and expectations around sync behavior. If you are available to discuss some details, can you please email me ([email protected] ) with a 30 min time slot that might work for you? I look forward to speaking with you.

  • I feel like I am overthinking this a bit, so I am reaching out for some help/guidance.

    I am currently using the Smartsheet-Jira connector to help sync issues created via a Smartsheet form with a specific Jira project.  This is all working perfectly.

    Where I am hitting the wall is tracking those Jira "tickets" once I migrate them to a different project.  Since the Jira issue key is unique, it 'should' be able to be tracked across Jira projects with that information being fed back to the Smartsheet spreadsheet - regardless of where the ticket lives (permissions notwithstanding as they are not an issue in this instance).

  • Usually when you setup a Workflow with the Jira Connector you connect it to a single project. If you move an issue in jira outside of that project, the connector will just no longer see the issue. However, when you setup the Workflow in the jira connector you can connect to multiple projects or use JQL (i.e. a search in jira). If you use either of those methods to make sure that the project you move issues to is also included in the workflow I think it will work for you. If not, contact our support team or your Customer Success rep and someone can go a bit deeper with you on this.

  • Hold the door.  We can use JQL in the Smartsheet-Jira Connector?  Could you send me a link to a KB on this please?

  • I found this article on the community:


    Are there any others you might recommend?

  • There is a few points about it in the following article: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2476121-jira-workflows


    See the "Jira Filters" section. If you want a hand with this or need more info a Customer Success representative or our Support team may be helpful resources to dive a bit deeper with you.

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