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delete "contacts" in dropdown box


To avoid clutter I want to clean up the contact which I am not using anymore.

How I can delete theses "contacts" ?


smartsheet dropdown box.PNG


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hello To Do List, the contacts you see in that dropdown list are based on who is assigned to tasks in the sheet. If you want to remove a name from the list, they will need to be removed from the Contact list in the sheet.



  • Where I can find the Contact list in the sheet?


    How I can remove names from the Contact list in the sheet?

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Contact List is a column type in your sheet. It will likely be the column where you are assigning tasks to users (the one from your screenshot). To confirm this, double click on the column header and it should show as Contact List column type. 

  • to do list
    edited 03/27/16


    Travis, thank very much for your assistance.


    I did what you explain, but it again did not give me the posibility to delete contacts which show up in the dropdown.

    ( as shown in the screenshot in my first message from March 23, 2016 4:02 am )


    Till now I only could find posibity to "add contacts"  or  "conditional formatting for contacts".


    I just want to clean up the contacts who I dont use anymore ;  >    " DELETE ! "

    Screen Shot 03-27-16 at 12.15 PM.PNG

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Apologies if I have not been clear and I did leave out one aspect.  


    When you click the dropdown list in a contact list column, you will see users who have been assigned to tasks in your sheet, in a contact list column, as well as users who are shared to the sheet.


    If you want to remove a user from this list, they will need to be removed from sharing on the sheet. If they are not shared to the sheet and you still see them in this list, locate any row where their name is added to the contact list column, and remove their name. 


    Let me know if you are still having trouble with this! 

  • Hi I am trying to do the same. Follow your instructions but there is no option for delete.

    Any help?


  • Just to add to this topic - I found that contacts that had been added to groups with broad sharing access kept appearing in drop-down lists even after the contact had left the organization. Their name was not on the sheet as a contact, not in my contact, and their name did not explicitly appear on the Shared menu.

    Sharing this in the hopes it saves someone else some time. Be sure to remove contacts from your groups when turning down user access. :-)

  • I'm having the same issue. And the instructions that are being given do not solve the problem. The values that show up in auto complete are different from the values that exist in the column values. There is an issue where the sheet caches the old values and doesn't refresh based on current values or Smartsheet contacts. Is this a bug? Or expected behavior? There is no way I can find to manually delete these entries. 

  • latsyrcg3
    latsyrcg3 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I had this same issue. You basically have to figure out where the name appears in the sheet and delete/replace every occurrence of it. Even if it isn't in the pick list for that column, if the name some how lives somewhere in the sheet, it will provide it as an option in the pick list. 

  • Hey guys! is there any real solution for just deleting the resource, follow the steps above and nothing has work

  • Dennis Porras
    edited 09/27/19

    Exactly this shouldn't be so hard, it just a matter of adding a X or a delete bottom to click

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