I created the Coronavirus Preparedness Template Set. How can we improve it for you?

Hunter Reed
Hunter Reed Moderator
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Hey everyone! I am a Product Marketing Manager at Smartsheet who helped create the Coronavirus Preparedness Template Set available on Solution Center. It’s exciting to read the feedback you’ve submitted and scroll through LinkedIn to hear how many of you are using it. A lot of organizations are taking advantage of it! 

We also are getting questions every day. I thought here--where everyone can see and benefit from the answers--would be the best place for you to ask your questions, share your stories, and help us improve on the current experience.

How can we help make this template set better for your needs? Are there things you want to track or communicate to your teams that can be done in Smartsheet? Do you have ideas for other content we should be thinking about? Do you have a story you think we would love to hear?

Looking forward to hearing back from the community! 

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  • Hi Hunter.

    My organization (community health center) is classified as an Essential Business exempt from shelter-in-place orders. I am using your template but have had to heavily modify it for Essential Business use. For an Essential Business the tier system is not as useful as we cannot close under any circumstances. I think it may be helpful to create a modified template for Essential Businesses.

  • Nice work on the template set Hunter, and good feedback from Christina here.

    So as you know, I had been partnering with i4cp, (i4cp.com) to develop an HR real time culture monitoring solution (tracking employee sentiment, Glassdoor insights, etc.,) leveraging a lot of the automation, notification, reporting capabilities of the SMAR platform... So what about taking that same approach (e.g. pulse checks, ongoing monitoring, reports, dashboards) for a COVID 19 Monitoring Solution? Scan your employee population daily - get readings and symptom feedback; display it visually on a dashboard. Assess real time how your workforce is dealing with their readiness to perform - provide insights for real time resource redirection - map to 10K for reallocation... etc. Scalability issues for companies with 10's of thousands of employees could be managed by automating the row update and then automating "pushing" it from the active sheet. Anyone interested in "giving it a go..."?

  • This is how I've used a published Smartsheet dashboard to help Communicating to Employees in Response to Coronavirus….

    There is an abundance of information available on the Internet in relation to the spread and tracking of the COVID-19 virus.  

    As a business continuity expert, I see very little in the way of advice to organisations on what information they need to communicate to employees. I also specialises in utilising collaboration platforms, and advise companies to collate and publish information like this dashboard to help assess, track, and communicate guidance around Coronavirus in a single place. 

    I am happy to help and provide advice and guidance but being an individual I only have a limited capacity, thus the need to promote this information to the wider audience.

    I hope this helps.

    Dave Gordon

  • Hunter Reed
    Hunter Reed Moderator

    @Christina Osman, great idea and very good distinction! Really like how you've gone ahead and modified the Template Set to fit your needs. Exactly what we aim to empower you to do! That said, for essential businesses, what metrics do you think would be helpful to have presented on the dashboard in place of the tier system?

    @James O'Farrell, your ingenuity is constant! Similar to that solution, we are planning on posting an Employee Pulse Survey Template Set in the near future. For all here -- tomorrow I am going to start a new thread and announce the work streams/use cases we are targeting to build content around in the coming weeks, partly in response to COVID and definitely in response to helping you all work remotely more effectively.

    @Dave Gordon, thank you for sharing. I like how you've infused more color, a FAQ section, and have made the option to break out guidance by department.

  • Hi James,

    I'm keen to assist in whatever way I can!

    Just let me know how I can be of any assistance?



  • @Hunter Reed the post community question form has now been added to the top of the dashboard. This information is then easily included in the bottom Q&A section of display.



  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Hunter Reed Good work on the Template Set - we already have an important NHS client benefitting from them. If any Smartsheet users need help modifying templates, we are happy to offer 2 hours free consultancy to show them how to modify templates and add data

    @Dave Gordon Brilliant dashboard!

    @James O'Farrell We have just created a vital Smartsheet Face Fit Test Register for an NHS client.

    The client has agreed to making their Smartsheet Tracking system available to other NHS or healthcare organisations (provided they acknowledge where it came from) and we at Smarter Business Processes are happy to provide this as a template set free of charge and provide up to 2 hours remote consulting to show users how to populate these sheets with their own data.

    Your COVID 19 Monitoring Solution sounds very interesting Jim and happy to offer our services to develop it further if required.

    Although it has not yet been requested,  it seems obvious that a system to track who has and hasn’t been tested for the virus is going to become the next urgency, to free up staff who are currently isolated and unable to work.  Smartsheet would be a really easy tool to use for this purpose - food for thought?

    We will do what we can for free but like @Dave Gordon, there are limits. Any interested parties contact us for a free initial consultation


  • Hi @Richard Rymill SBP, and thanks for the compliment. Were you able to incorporate the conditional form fields into the questionnaire?

  • Hi @Hunter Reed, to be more productive, rather than just guidance the link would be connected to Disaster Recovery Checklist - see first links HR example . I have previous configured so that when one one activity is checked as "Done" the system then automatically sends a message to the owner of the next task owner.

    I tried to find a copy of the COVID Glassdoor insight tracking employee sentiment survey but could not locate. If you have a copy please forward an online link.

    In the past I have used Tableau as a User Interface, which in scenarios like this allow someone with limited technical knowledge to use dropdowns to easily "slice and dice" the data, and allows them to focus on the information they are particularly interested in.



  • Dave Gordon
    Dave Gordon ✭✭
    edited 03/27/20

    Hi @Richard Rymill SBP , at this phase would it not make far more sense to offer the Scottish and Welsh Health Authorities the facility to provide a volunteers register. With your contacts you could cover Scotland and being based here I could assist Wales ...

    I believe the current register only covers English Trusts!


  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Dave Gordon

    As we have already done a lot of work with the Scottish NHS your suggestions makes good sense.

    That said we can work very quickly with any Health org that needs urgent help and are offering a range of sample sheets and two free hours of Consulting time to show users how to input their own data and make Custom changes to suit them.

    Just contact [email protected] to arrange a Zoom call?

    Happy to help at this challenging time.

  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    Not really an improvement, but I thought this would be as good a place as any to share ours. We added several things: like a place for the President of our company to share his message with every team member, our reaction plan, links to forms that show us as an essential business, links to HR documents, and forms for Team Members needing to file for provisions in the CARE Act.

    SWC Dashboard

  • Hunter Reed
    Hunter Reed Moderator

    @James O'Farrell & all -- here is the Employee Pulse Check template set I recently published to Solution Center.


    Check it out and feel free to comment back with thoughts.

  • KevinL
    KevinL ✭✭✭✭

    Great stuff @Hunter Reed by the the entire Smartsheet Team regarding the Coronavirus. I was searching around the templates and such, is there a template to capture daily temperature readings of employees if we were to "check in" employees as they enter the office?

  • @KevinL and other healthcare professionals,

    The new Healthcare Community Group is now live! This group is a space for all things Healthcare and your question sounds like a great use of a discussion post in the group. I encourage you to ask questions, share use cases and collaborate with others in your industry. We also have some exciting healthcare-related updates being announced in the Healthcare Community Group very shortly.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about the new group!


    Brianne Laird, Sponsorships & Brand Activations Program Manager