A list of attachments with uploading dates


Question, I got all clients document in our a smartsheet gird (called as MDR) and uploaded all the PDFs attachmented into each row. I used the Document No as the Primary Column.

As you know, all the documents get many revisions and provided to us in different dates. I used to upload them as new revision in the attchment area. So, at the end, guys can only see the latest revision of each attachment.

For sure, I can see the full historical chain by clicking on each attachment. However, it's impossible to let me do that one by one to a grid with hundreds of documents at the end of a project. So, I'm wondering whether I could get a report from this grid to show me a list of the attachments with recived dates (or the uploading dates) as appropriate. or, alternative, what's the best practice to handle this kind of Document Management situation.