Can anybody help to connect Smart Sheet with Access Data

Eric Goldsmith
edited 09/23/21 in API & Developers

Trying to use Visual Studio to connect Smart Sheet to Access Database but proving very difficult. Needs to be a live connection. Any better ideas? please let me know thanks in advance.


  • Maaik Meijerink
    Maaik Meijerink ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Eric,

    The live data connector provides a way to connect Access and Smartsheet ( readonly to Smartsheet), but I guess you also want to update Smartsheet ?

    No luck in using the Smartsheet API for this ?

    Grtz, Maaik

  • Eric Goldsmith
    edited 09/22/21

    I have managed to get data from the access database into Visual Studio which is fine. Also a live connector from SmartSheet to Visual Studio any chance you could help to bring the data in from Visual Studio to SmartSheet?

    I am also looking into API might be the answer?

  • Please help with API struggling to understand how it works. But I think it`s the right thing to use.