100,000 cell reference limit - do I understand it right and can I monitor it?

I have recently come across the limitation of smartsheet whereby you can only have 100,000 cell references, when I tried to add a vlookup where the table array was 140 columns wide, to a sheet that was already using several vlookus.

My first question is does the 100,000 cell limit mean that if for example I had 100 links to cells in other sheets, and two lookups that both referred to arrays in other sheets that were 200 rows deep and 50 columns wide, that I would have used up 100 + (200x50) + (200x50) = 20,100 cells references, and I would have 79,900 left to use in that particular sheet?

My second question is whether or not there is a metric anywhere which tells me how any cell references I have used, so that I know whether or not my next vlookup will work or not?

Any help appreciated.