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Hi All

what I'm trying to do is send out a scheduled (weekly) email, with links to two dashboards for review by everyone that the sheet is shared to.

sound simple enough but i can't get it to work reliably using automation from the main sheet.

have been using the alert someone.

can someone please advise on the best way to achieve this

thanks in anticipation



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  • Andy Counsell
    Andy Counsell ✭✭✭
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    Many thanks Andrée Starå

    i have got it working I think. Because you can only schedule things to run on the hour i was triggering the email on record change event. Because i was selecting only send email not rows or cells it appeared to impact on the way the email was delivered / what the content was.

    it was also compounded by the fact that one of the dashboards is specific to the current user. it's one thing to build these things into a new template but to retro fit them into existing workspaces is a bit of a trial. especially when you(the person developing), isn't a user in the plan. so no data for current user.

    I also moved the automation to a summary (roll up), sheet with no active changes on it and this all appears to have worked

    many thanks again for your help - i was doing essentially what you suggested

    kind regards