Aggregating data over various sheets


Hello community,

I just started dabbling in smartsheet and I came to a point where I need some advice on how to continue or if the things I planned are possible at all.

My plan is to create a tool to help our project managers to see which co-worker is "booked" in what periods of time to assess the total workload better.

I have created a pretty standard sheet with all the usual information like a structure for the project with objects, phases, tasks each with start and end date and one or more co-workers assigned to each task.

I plan to copy this sheet for each new project and just to change the data inside.

Then of course I'd like to have some overview over those projects.

Aggregating basic project information like planned beginning and end or the name and id of the projects could be done easily in a separate sheet and using this sheet a basis for a dashboard or report.

But what I really like to see is some aggregation, for example, like a "calendar" for each co-worker with their booked time over all my projects.

Is something like that possible at all and if it's possible do I need resource management licenses for this?

Thanks in advance.