Can I use automation from a report instead of a sheet?


I have about 30 different smart sheet files that each have a couple tasks assign to my team. I created a report that pulls the tasks from each sheet and lists them out. I would like to create an automation from the report file that sends out the tasks as the due dates approach. There is no automation feature in the top left in a report? Is there another way to automate this without having to go into each of the 30 sheets individually?

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  • Ryan Sides
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    @Greg Carn Hey Greg, you can automate a report to be emailed (pdf/excel) a certain day of the week, but it's not dependent on the data in the report. (File -> Send As Attachment)

    There's no automation feature in reports.

    If you want a more creative solution, you could build a sheet that auto updates and references all the due dates in your 30 sheets. Then build an alert automation based on your due date criteria to email a link to the report to your team.

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