Insert form data under a specific parent/child row

Aneesah Serrano
Aneesah Serrano ✭✭✭
edited 02/10/21 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello -

I've created a hierarchy and now looking to create a form to gather data to be placed on a sheet. I'm familiar with setting up forms that pull under specific columns, but what I'm needing to do here is enter an individual's name under a specific 'child' row.

Using this screenshot as an example, I'm needing a candidate's name to be placed under a specific location (Hillcrest, Memorial, etc) under the specific district (Grones). Essentially creating another parent/child hierarchy between the location and now candidate's name. The initial sheet will have that parent/child relationship already established, but I'll need all entries of candidate names made after the initial setup to go to the right field.