SUMIFS referencing another sheet

Hello, I'm trying to use SUMIFS formulas to create a summary grid based on another grid.

=SUMIFS({Counter}, {Submission Date}, @cell = "", {Submission Status}, @cell <> "Waived", {Submission Status}, @cell <> "N/A", {Due in the next}, @cell = "1 Week", {TAT}, @cell = 3)

The formula should sum the numbers in the Counter column if the report has a blank submission date, submission status is not one of Waived or N/A, due in the next equals 1 Week, and turn around time equals 3.

I've tried both splitting Submission Status into separate arguments and combining with AND, as well as putting quotes around the "3" but neither makes a difference. All attempts result in "0".

What am I missing? Thanks for looking!

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