Comment Conversations Inconsistent Contact Dropdowns

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I've experienced this issue for some time, but it's becoming more of an issue with the number of comments we need to add to a particular sheet.

When adding Comments/Conversations, I am able to @ tag a user using their email, but also sometimes their name. While I can always use their email, I can often not search by their name (in the screenshots, 'Megan S' is the user. I'd like to always be able to use their name, since emails are often all over the place. We also see this occur in Dynamic View.

I've already checked:

  • App vs online (behaves the same in either)
  • The individuals are already in My Contacts.
  • The individuals have already been shared the sheet.
  • The individuals profile already has their name in it.
  • It does not seem to matter if the person has a paid license or not.

Any ideas why this occurs?


  • ker9
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    Hi @CV1

    I'm on the Enterprise plan using Chrome browser. Please let us know what you are using.

    When I type @k into a comment, I see a list of everyone that has a k anywhere in their name (first/last). Same if I type @kw, however, if I type @kwz I get nothing because no one has those letters in their name. These are the users in our plan, none of the "My Smartsheet Contacts" come up.

    You can try different browsers to see if that changes it.

    Typing the following with quotes into the search bar brings up more discussions or help files:


  • CV1
    CV1 ✭✭

    Thank you @ker9 this actually does bring up another element I didn't think to mention. We do not yet have organization contacts, so any recommendations populated after the "@" are solely from my contacts list. I've tried using Chrome and the Smartsheet app and both have similar results. I've also checked now in Firefox and it appears to work similarly.

    Another frustrating element that I'd hoped was a workaround, for example, the name 'John' has about 20 results (some with a plan license, some with the free license), but all 20 will not show up, just a handful of suggestions. Entering their last name, like 'Smith' does not bring up any names (presumably because none start with this) so I cannot effectively look up 'John Smith' without entering their email address.

  • ker9
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    @CV1 - without organization contacts it may be bringing up what is in the sheet or what you have used previously.

    Perhaps @Genevieve P. can respond with more information than I have.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Thanks for the tag @ker9!

    Hi @CV1

    The @mention functionality is built differently than your My Contacts List - your personal contact list allows you to add emails/nicknames into your sheet as Contacts, but the @mention functionality sends email notifications to a specific Smartsheet account.

    @mentions will look for the account name, not the nickname you may have set for that email in your Contacts List. Meaning, if they have a different name in their Personal Settings to what you have typed into the cell, you won't see the name appear as the @mention is looking at their account. In this instance, you'll need to use the email address to ensure the @mention is finding the right person.

    Can you check to see if that's what's happening here? Is it possible that Megan has a different name in her Personal Settings?

    Here's more information

  • CV1
    CV1 ✭✭

    Thank you for the suggestion @Genevieve P.

    I did verify (with my own eyes!) that Megan's name on her personal profile and the name I have for her in my Contacts match exactly.