Barcodes scanned into a webform not converting to a number automatically in the sheet!?

Hoping someone can help with this promptly as I haven't got an answer from my support ticket from the 19th. We have a grocery store and the floor team scan the barcode of the stock coming into the store into a form and select the qty and expiry date. This goes to a landing page which has a formula in several columns to look up the barcode in a product list and return the name and category etc. Once the #NO MATCH has gone and the barcode is matched to a product the row moves into a main register. However just in the last week or so the barcodes haven't been automatically converting to number format and the apostrophe that's usually hidden isn't hiding so I have to go into the sheet and back space the apostrophe and re-enter it for every submission so the look up formulas work!! 🤯

Why would this be and is it a glitch that can be fixed promptly?




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