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Back up option on EU version of smartsheet

As per below article the US version of smartsheet offers an option to automatically back up sheets at a given time.

I'm surprised this hasn't been rolled out on the EU version, most medium to large sized firms who have an active compliance & IT team will need re-assurance that there is a back up option in order to roll out Smartsheet across the teams.

We currently use it for practice management purposes and we really need an option to back up the data periodically and reduce any risk of loss of data. Currently we have multiple sub teams using this across the firm.

Please can this be implemented.

Kind regards,


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Available Now! · Last Updated

We're happy to announce that creating a Workspace Backup is now available for Business and Enterprise plans in the EU instance of Smartsheet. Thank you for your continued feedback!


  • Bernadette Manuel
    edited 01/31/23

    I am currently using Smartsheet EU Workspace and I want to request scheduled backup for the workspace. I checked the options and I don’t seem to have the option to request it. Smartsheet support stated that backup and recurring backup is not available in Smartsheet EU. It would be very useful if Smartsheet EU would have the option for backup and recurring backup. Thanks

  • del314
    del314 ✭✭
    edited 03/31/23

    I don't understand that the backup feature is not available for European accounts.

  • Hi! I vote for this!

  • Smartsheets is a powerful tool and we are finding ways that it can help improve our processes. However, the lack of a robust back up process is a significant weakness which will limit the effectiveness of the tool. Please can this be rolled out to the EU version asap

  • I have committed my client's project to Smartsheet EU, but it doesn't have the backup function my old US version did, which creates a repurational and financial risk if something goes wrong.

    We know that auto backups can be done on the US server, we just need it enabled on the EU server. ASAP please!

  • Doesn't look like this is a priority unfortunately, we are currently having to download an excel version of our data weekly to ensure we have some form of back up (until we get our connector).

  • Guenther_23
    Guenther_23 ✭✭
    edited 10/19/23

    Backup ist ein zwingend notwendiges Tool, und ich kann nicht nachvollziehen warum das auf dem US - Server funktionierte und auf dem EU-Server nicht. Bitte dringend umsetzen. Danke.

    Translating comment using Google Translate as per Community is supported in English only.

    Backup is a mandatory tool, and I can't understand why it worked on the US server and not on the EU server. Please implement it urgently. Thank you.