Data Shuttle Workflow Only Partially Uploading Data

In Data Shuttle I have an upload workflow. The source data is an excel spreadsheet with 14788 rows. The Data Shuttle upload is stopping after it adds 3832 rows and saying it is complete (no errors listed). The upload workflow does not have any filters so all the rows should be loaded.

The Data Shuttle workflow has been working fine (loading all the rows twice a day) up until 12/8 when it said there was an error 'deleting' rows ..but then says after that the workflow is completing fine (except it is stopping at 3832).

The source sheet has not been modified structurally (just different row values). The source sheet is generated from another system.

I tried deleting the row in the source sheet where the workflow was getting stuck and reran the workflow ..but the same result happened. It stopped after uploading 3832 and said it was successful.

Thoughts on what to try next?

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