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Mobile App Sheet Filtering

We have technicians out in the field using Smartsheets on mobile devices. It would be very helpful for them to be able to create filters on the app instead of calling me to create the filter they need on my desktop. I have quite a few created ahead for them but there are instances that come up where it would be helpful for them to do it themselves.

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  • Eric88
    Eric88 ✭✭✭

    For sure. This is so needed.

    I currently have to pre-build dozens of reports so that they're available on mobile. But there are so many times I'm out in the field and wish I can change filters/columns etc for my needs.

    One useful way this can be provided to the end-user would be via the report builder wizard (like the one presented when building a new report on desktop) to allow mobile users certain customizations of the report.

  • Looking to be able to filter sheets on the mobile app and export the filtered results all on mobile app. This would be very usefully as we use Smartsheets in the field and need to send the filtered sheets out to the person who is needed to see just the items on the sheet that applies to them.