COUNTIFS Using both AND and OR


Looking for a bit of help trying to utilize the COUNTIFs function to filter based on a specific value for one variable and between two other values for the other variable.

In the sample table below, I'm looking to get a count where the TASTE is PREFERRED and the ALLERGIES is either YES or UNKNOWN.

I've tried the below but am getting an INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET

=SUM(COUNTIFS(Taste:Taste, "Preferred", Allergies:Allergies, "Yes", "Unknown"))


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  • ProDevWSL
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    Hi Katharyn!

    You are close, you'll need an OR statement in your Criterion 2 space:

    =COUNTIFS(Range 1, Criterion 1, Range 2, Criterion 2,...)

    Range 1 = [Taste]:[Taste]

    Criterion 1 = "Preferred"

    Range 2 = [Allergies]:[Allergies]

    Criterion 2 = OR(@cell="Yes", @cell="Unknown")

    so your final formula will be:

    =COUNTIFS([Taste]:[Taste], "Preferred", [Allergies]:[Allergies], OR(@cell="Yes", @cell="Unknown"))


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