IF(OR) formula - add AND qualifier for all


I have an IF(OR) formula that is working exactly the way I want it to. I want it to check a box if one of three column criteria is met, which it is doing correctly, using the below formula:

=IF(OR([Column A]@row = "Choice1", [Column B]@row = "Choice2", [Column C]@row = 1)), 1

I want to add a second condition that applies to all criteria. If Column D equals "Deleted," then I do not want the box checked for that row, even if one of the correct criteria appears in Columns A-C.

Is there a way to add an overall AND to my IF(OR)? Or another way to include that information?

Essentially what I want is this: [Column D]@row, <>"Deleted" but I don't know how to fit it in.


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