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Adjust Column Width in Card View


It would be nice to adjust the width of the columns in Card View (like you do in Google Sheets). Some of my project subtask names are long, so you cannot view what it says (unless you hover over them with your mouse or double-click into the card). If I was able to widen/adjust each column, this would speed up my time looking at & working on each project card.

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  • ZebraCS_Josh

    Upvote. This is a very good idea.

    Josh Garcia|

    Zebra Consulting Services🦓

  • Bo Lewis

    Upvote. Definitely needed.

  • Elizabeth Torrens

    It would be nice if we can not only adjust the column width but have the ability to double up on cards that are in the same vertical swim lanes so that we don't have to scroll so far down to see everything. If there is horizontal space available because we don't have a lot of separate columns but the data causes lots of scrolling, why not just put all the cards in a more visually appealing and easy to digest group? I realize that adjusting the overall column width AND being able to double or quadruple the number of cards in a column would mean two separate settings but combined I think it could do a lot for how useful card view is in various use cases.

  • Margaret Rapp

    I'd like to see the option to adjust the width in Cardview to allow users to see the entire contents of the cell.