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Length and/or Character validation within a Form



  • Dan Y
    Dan Y ✭✭✭

    Often times, people will forget a number when inputting 9 digit IDs. Being able to require a specific length would be extremely helpful for me.

  • meagans
    meagans ✭✭✭✭

    Piggybacking off of this Community post I found:

    We have a strong need for character limits in forms and Dynamic View submissions. Any workaround or added functionality would be amazing to limit the wordiness of user inputs!

    Meagan Struman ⚡️

  • A Rose
    A Rose ✭✭✭✭

    Character Masking would solve both Character limit and Character type,

    In some platforms, you can add cell masking in the Advanced field section, such as;

    Enter # for digits and * for letters,
    So, if you want to collect an Employee ID # in this format: ABC3456, It'd be:


    This would restrict the # of characters as well as the character type, (In this example, it's 7 characters, of which the first 3 are letters and the last 4 are numbers).

    Thank you!

  • AWentz
    AWentz ✭✭

    We just started using Smartsheet and are surprised that there isn't functionality for character limits. It's very disappointing when advertising this solution as an 'Enterprise plan' and not having basic functionality for field length and even character type/format as noted on some comments above.

    1. Control Center has a limit with Sheet names (50 character) and when concatenating the project name with Sheet name, our project managers need to ensure the project names are within a specific character length or the names will be cut off!
    2. It seems this has been asked/mentioned previously on several posts….

    3. It feels like the need is there and has been for some time after reading through all the comments. Please consider this enhancement.