I'd like to include a formula (hidden) in a Form that includes a vlookup to another sheet with known email addresses. This would save the user time on entering their email when completing the form. The email is used to contact them back through the application to avoid sending separate emails. The formula is submitted to the sheet as expected but is always preceeded by a " ' " - see example and form image below:

'=VLOOKUP(Location1, {LU Range 1}, 3, false)





You'd have to add at least two rows with the same formula so it will continue the pattern.

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Andrée Starå

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To expand on Andree's answer:


You cannot input a formula directly into a form. You would simply put the formula in the corresponding column on the sheet itself and not include that column/field on the form at all.


Provided you have 2 rows with the formula already in it, it will auto-populate any new rows with the formula and as a result provide the email address.

Got it. Thank you both. Realizing now you cannot use formulas in contact columns.

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And that is correct. Depending on the overall size of your project and how much work you are willing to do towards setting it up, there are a couple of work-arounds.


You can submit a Product Enhancement Request to be able to use formulas within a contact column at this link:



And in the mean time, if you would like some help with a possible solution, feel free to let us know. You've got a lot of knowledge with Andree on the thread, and I know a thing or two as well.