I'm adapting an Excel-based grant application to Smartsheet.  It's working well, but there's one feature in Excel that I don't know if the Smartsheet form can do.  In the Excel version, we've included fields that automatically total different requested amounts and also show the average amount requested per participant. This is useful to people as they fill out the application, because they can see if they've exceeded any limits to what they are allowed to request.

I already have Smartsheet calculate these things, so I can see them when I work with the sheet.  But what I want is for the calculated amounts to show up in the form, so the applicants can see them as they fill out the form.  Is there a way to do that?





Hi !


There is currently no way to import data (like formulas) into a form. The form is just manual input, nothing more.

To do such a thing, you need to build your own form with the Smartsheet API and some code. But that requires (a lot of) ressources !


Good luck :)