I have several sheets with rows that are "old" (completed, sold,...) and that I want to hide most of the time. Conditional formating does that well.

But I need sometimes to see them all.

How to achieve this easily?


You might also look into Filtering (http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/portal/articles/504659) - this feature hides rows based on criteria, e.g., hide all rows with "Sold" in the "Status" column. 


You can remove the filters at any time to bring the hidden rows back into view. Each person who can access the sheet is able to apply and remove filters without impacting anyone else's view, this way everyone's looking at the data that's relevant to them.

Not being able to hide/show rows and columns is a core miss of Smartsheet.

Fabrice - it is possible to hide columns by right clicking on the column header and selecting Hide Column. As for rows, we are tracking feedback for this request and in the meantime I would recommend using filters to hide rows in your sheets. 

Hi Travis,


If it's already a feature request, I'd like to cast my vote for being able to hide/unhide rows without a workaround like filters. I'll use them for now, but this feature seems like it should have been built a long time ago. :\


Thanks again!


Thanks Judith, I will record your vote!

I second Judith's comment. I found this thread while looking to a solution for hiding rows of completed tasks. We dont want to move the rows to another section beacuse a third party we collaborate with uses the row numbers as job numbers for their internal system. I will use the filtering function for the time being, but look forward to the feature update. 

I find one of the most effective ways round this is to build reports that match your requiremnets, One for Open Tasks, rows  and one for Closed tasks/ rows,


That way if you work in the Reports rather than the Main sheet once you close a task/row and refresh the report it disapears to appear in the closed report.

I am used to the Trello methodology of completing a task / card and it will be hidden, this is surely the sort of function that Smartsheet needs. I can create filters and that's OK, but when using the card view across the team it is just easier that completed tasks are hidden so that people can concentrate on what's outstanding.

Another Option, which I have not mentioned before (I Think) is to have a Duplicate sheet and Archive the Completed tasks out into that once they are complete.

Not suitable if you are using Project Sheets with Dependency Linking.

Remember when you archive out (Move to Other Sheet) it takes the data and not the formulae.