My team has a bunch of sheets that we do not use but we might need to reference later. Whats the best method for archiving sheets we are not using so they do not clutter up our accounts or count towards our sheet count but with the ability to access them as needed?


I routinely use Export to Excel to save sheets that I might want to refer to in the future without keeping them active and thus counting against the number of sheets I have. After exporting the sheet I can delete it or in some cases I reuse it after deleting the original data. Exports to Excel typically do not export formulas that were in the Smartsheet so you can't Import the sheet back into Smartsheet and have a working sheet again. It is possible to export the formulas by having one of the Smartsheet support people enable that on your system but that also enables it on reports which typically messes up the calculations on rows that end up in the report. I also have Smartsheet do an automatic backup download every Saturday. The backed-up sheets  do not have the formulas either, just the values in each cell.