Cant get my formula to work =(

Please help


=IF(AND([Team]28 = "Street Lighting", (NOT(ISBLANK([Quote Sent Date]28)), 1, 0)))


If Column 1 (Team) contains text "Street Lighting" and Column 2 (Quote sent date) is not blank, Check the box


Thank you in advance



I think problem is the number of parenthesis at inner circle.

Try this,

=IF(AND(Team28 = "Street Lighting", (NOT(ISBLANK([Quote Sent Date]28)))), 1, 0)

Thankyou Mehmet!

Works perfectly.

Could you also help me with 

If Column 1 (Team) contains "street lighting" and Column 2 (Quote sent date) = more than 3 check the box

=IF(AND(Team22 = "Street Lighting", ([Quote Sent Date]27 < 3), 1, 0))


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Sorry to be a pain but I can't seem to understand what i am doing wrong to not make my sums works. 

If Column 1 (Team) contains "street lighting and column 2 (Days to respond) = 10, Average the amount of days (10) by rows x-z

=IF(Team22:Team22, "Street Lighting", (AVG([Days to respond]22:[Days to respond]24)))


Sorry for delayed response, I was out of office. Here is your formulas.

=IF(AND(Team1 = "Street Lighting", [Quote Sent Date]1 > 3), 1, 0)

Because you have used the word "contains", I used the "FIND" function.

==IF(AND(IF(FIND(Team2, [Quote Sent Date]2, 1) > 0, 1, 0) = 1, [Days to respond]2 = 10), AVG(ColumnX2, ColumnY2), "")