The dashboards that I've created for out Project Management teams contain a report that lists all their active projects with a hyperlink to a project schedule (A different Smartsheet Grid). 

I've been asked if it is possible for them to open the schedules in a new tab rather than opening it up in the same tab/window, forcing them to hit the back button to get back to their dashboard.

We've designed the dashboard to be their main landing page where all of their workload can be accessed so it would very helpful to be able to access all that information contained in the dashboard without having to leave that page.


Are you are talking about the Shortcut widget in dashboards? I learned last week that if you create those links with a URL instead of direct linking in smartsheet they will open in a new window! Simply gather the direct URLS to the sheets/reports you want to open and when you create the link rather than choosing, from smartsheet - just paste in the URL and name the sheet and PRESTO! Opens in a new window. You lose the cool icons from smartsheet, but you actually gain usable functionality. 

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Doesn't this defeat the purpose of a dashboard? I am trying to use the dashboard many times throughout a process and the back button feature is inconvenient and if I just have to link everything to the browser then why even have a dashboard?

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Hi Sarah, its just a matter of how to create the links. If you create those links to those sheets and reports using the URL instead of direct link to the smartsheet they will open in a new window and not over the dashboard page itself. To get the direct urls you can find them in the share window of each sheet or report. Its a simple workaround for adding these items. 

I love it when a workaround comes together, .....smiley

Thanks for the tip!  (apologies for my odd sense of humor)