My team has a master project list for the year. Some of the projects include ongoing projects (newsletters, web maintenance) that we marked as a due date of 12/31/19.  Others may take a week or a month. 

When I turned on the resource allocation tool, I noticed that everyone was majorly over allocated.  Would the ongoing projects be taken into account for this?  

Is the resource allocation tool a good resource for a sheet like this?




Hello hecodesit,

You're correct. The Resource Management tool is a great method for managing and having an overview of projects that are ongoing or soon to be started.

I can confirm that ongoing projects would be taken into account for the over allocation of resources. Dependent on your current plan and sheet permissions, the following Help Articles may assist you in resolving your issue.

Please let us know if you continue to experience this same issue by contacting us via Customer Support:https://help.smartsheet.com/contact?_ga=2.28434812.1521424515.1562572135-172672887.1560245413

Kind Regards