So I don't even know if this is something I can get a formula to do, but I am trying to get a number to check a cell reference and start summing if the number is above 7. But here's the kicker, I don't want it to sum the entire amount. I want it to essentially sum the number, minus that 7, but only sum the numbers if they are above 7.


Hopefully this makes sense as to what I am trying to do.


Example of my problem:


In our system, we have 7 days to close out issues. If we can not close them in 7 days, we push the date out. Now, the company we are contracting for/working for is counting how many days it takes us to close these issues. So I am trying to determine how many days extra (above 7 days) our issues are having their dates pushed out.


Hence why I want to start counting how many ADDITIONAL days passed 7 that it takes us to close these issues.


Thanks in advance for anything you can help with. I sincerely appreciate it!





Never mind, I figured it out!!


If anyone is wondering for future reference, the formula that worked is below:


=IF([Days Open]1 > 7, [Days Open]1 - 7)